Web Series. 2 Episodes.

Product: Web Series. 2 Episodes.
Client: EpicTv Adventure
Task: Production Film Edition Post-Production Photography
Location: Mallorca (Spain)
Daila Ojeda, Olivia Hsu and Carrie Cooper spend a week in Mallorca doing their passion, climbing. Deep water solo and rock climbing in the paradise.

Climbing holidays have a habit of passing in a blur. You're up early to maximise tour time at the crag, you climb hard all day before heading back home where you have just enough energy left for food and the odd cerveza before bed. At least, that's often the story when you holiday with a group of guys intent on ticking big numbers. In a male-dominated, performance dominated sport, sometimes the fun factor is lost. Climbing with other women and forgetting about harsh performance criteria for a minute was the central idea behind Daila Ojeda, Olivia Hsu and Carrie Cooper's trip to the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The Spanish island of Mallorca has a lot of things going for it - great climbing crags, a beautiful coastline, and amazing people among them. Combine crags, coastline and amazing people and what do you get? Daila Ojeda deep-water soloing on some of the island's premier psicobloc crags over crystal clear Mediterranean water. In this video we also get a bit of yoga instruction from Olivia Hsu, and Carrie Cooper joins the fun for a couple of big falls into the sea. Enjoy the Deep-Water Soloing In Mallorca With Daila Ojeda!

Renowned for its deep water soloing, the island also has a wealth of sport climbs to enjoy and in this video, the girls pick out some plum lines to enjoy with their fresh, downshifted approach. Daila Ojeda And Olivia Hsu Unwind On The Tufa Lines Of Mallorca | #MallorcaGirlsTrip