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Documentary Short Film (8 min) + Web Series [2 Episodes]

Product: Web Series. 2 Episodes.
Client: EpicTv Adventure
Task: Concept and Design Production Film Edition Post-Production Photography
Location: Huesca and Catalonia (Spain)

Bilbao Mendi Film 2016 (Spain) + Ladek Mountain Film Festival 2016 (Poland) + Bovec Mountain Film Festival 2016 (Slovenia) Adventure Outdoor International Film Fest Sancandido-Innichen 2016 (Italy) + Spotkania Zakopane Mountain Film Festival 2016 (Poland) + Horsky International Festival of Mountain Films 2016 (Slovakia) + Festival Gorniskega Filma 2017 (Slovenia)

In the summer of 2014, Mar Álvarez became the 5th woman in history to climb the grade of 9a/5.14d. This was made even more impressive by the fact that Mar is not a professional climber and actually works full-time as a firefighter in order to support her climbing

Climbing any route in the 9th grade requires a huge investment of time and incredible dedication to the sport. Finding that time and staying motivated to train at the level required is no easy task, but Mar's approach has always been to simply focus intently on what needs to be done and push herself relentlessly until she achieves it. That approach seems to be working and with her recent ascent of 'Esclatamasters' (9a/5.14d), her second of the grade, Mar has cemented her position as one of the strongest climbers of any gender. Despite this, she has long struggled to find sponsorship and to fulfil her dream of being able to climb full time. This video gives Mar's perspective on that struggle.

How do you perform at the absolute top level of your sport while still working a regular job? For Mar Álvarez, the answer is easy; you train hard and you train smart. Mar, one of only six women in the world to have climbed the grade of 9a, takes an incredibly disciplined approach to her training. She carefully plans each exercise to target the areas of her performance that require improvement and she then sticks to that plan religiously. This video from Namuss films gives us an insight into that process and what it really means to make sacrifices for your passion. Mar's approach may initially appear extreme, but the results are undeniable and she recently made a successful ascent of 'Esclatamasters' (9a/5.14d), the route featured in this video.