Pink Eiga

Documentary Film (Developing)

Product: Documentary Film
Task: Concept and Design Production Film Edition Post-Production Photography
Location: Japan
Japan it's always a source of attraction, cultural contrast and aesthetic reference. Compared to the Western world, it's a country with different considerations and opinions regarding several matters, including sexuality. In Japan there is still an artisanal and resisting industry of erotic cinema englobed in the so-called “Pink eiga”.

Decades ago the film industry around the erotic movies was huge, but nowadays is disappearing little by little. Few productions companies struggle to keep alive this tradition that has artistically influenced not only generations of Japanese filmmakers, erotics and generalists, but also Western film directors, always paying attention to the Japanese film suggestive expressivity. Despite the overwhelming porn online offer, the same limitations and characteristics of the industry (small film crews, low budgets, limited shooting time...) are its strengths and the main reason because it's still alive. In this documentary we will portrait the situation of this industry, old-fashioned and powerfully alive at the same time, having a look at his past and specially at his present in order to think which can be its future.